CLR 2024

Event Recap

Thank you to all who made the Creative Leaders Retreat a success!

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About The Event

The path to becoming a creative director is one of paradoxes; the skills that get you there — incredible creative ideas and executions — aren’t necessarily the ones you need to lead and manage others in their own creative ideas. And there isn’t really a handbook that helps you make that transition, or to stay sharp and relevant in that position once you’ve made it.

The Creative Leaders Retreat is designed to help fill the void that newly-minted CDs and even seasoned vets can often find themselves in, particularly in these ever-evolving times. By the end of the Retreat, attendees will be given tangible, actionable advice that they can bring back to their companies and their careers to implement.


Thank You To All The Speakers At This Years Event

Learn directly from some of the Industry's Finest

Stepping Into Leadership Roles

In 2024, we went back for even more! With an all-star lineup of speakers from both agencies and brands, the Creative Leaders Retreat was the top place to gain insight and tips and exchange ideas on how to become better creative managers and leaders. Thank you to everyone who brought their team and joined us for this year's open and honest conversations.

The CLR Experience

Creative Leaders Retreat is less of a conference and more of a conversation. Podiums and lecterns are replaced with small groups and sessions, allowing for more open and candid dialogue. You won’t see one-way, canned presentations about trends or predictions. What you will find are discussions about behind-the-scenes best practices on how to make your creative team function better, regardless if you’re part of a big network, a small studio, or even an in-house department on the brand side of the business.

Our award-winning speakers aren’t only here to share wisdom, but to also learn from attendees, whose own experiences make for important learning moments. And because it’s a closed-door event, people are free to ask any questions and share their own challenges without any barriers. Just honest, open conversations and real answers.

An Inspired Setting

With its rich history, stunning architecture, and legendary food, art, and music scene, New Orleans is the perfect place to be inspired and network with fellow creatives. You’ll spend two full days getting to know your fellow attendees and speakers as we enjoy delicious Cajun cuisine together and are treated to a private performance at the world-famous Preservation Hall Jazz Club. And because Creative Leaders Retreat attracts both agency and in-house creatives, you’ll have the opportunity to gain both perspectives and grow your network in this beautiful setting.

Past Attendees

What They Have To Say

What Are Past Attendees Saying About the Creative Leaders Retreat?

"I truly adored the whole team that I met there and I really got a ton out of the experience."

Xanthe Wells

VP, Global Creative


"Thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful event. I came back energized and with so many great insights. This experience was such a pleasure."

Shayne Millington

Chief Creative Officer

McCann - NY

"I am now 1000000% a believer, and whether or not I am speaking, you can count on me to use my social channels to drum up attendance in years to come. You put on quite a show. Thank you so much for having me."

Jaime Robinson

Co Founder & Chief Creative Officer


"Thank you and your team for putting together such a great retreat. So many amazing people and thought provoking discussions, I left feeling very inspired."

Michelle Cherland

Creative Director

Best Buy

"I've had the strange opportunity to go to a lot of conferences this past year. I believe this was the best one and the only one I wish I had come sooner to"

Mo Said


Mojo Supermarket

"This was amazing! The Creative Leaders Retreat was the best industry conference I’ve been to in years. Got so much out of the event. Very inspired and will implement a lot of the learnings."

Joe Volpicelli

Former Head of Creative


"I still feel so honored that I was part of this amazing event. You and the team really brought it on. It was unforgettable and the energy was pulsating through the rooms. The caliber of talent was through the roof and I really took home so much inspiration."

Susan Levine

Group Creative Director

The Clorox Company

"I loved this experience so much - I seriously can't say it enough. It felt life changing. Can't wait for another chance to attend one of your amazing events!"

Amy Bonselaar

Team Lead


"Thank you so much for the opportunity and providing such an incredibly well rounded range of discussion. I’ve started this week feeling so re-energized and ready to implement some learnings."

Winston Elliott

Art Director

Taco Bell

"It was so insightful and inspiring, and the smaller classes made it so much more intimate."

Jono Flannery

Creative Director


"Amazingly inspiring and informative. Great creative energy."

Marc Sobier

Executive Creative Director

Impossible Foods