Matt Kuttan
The Four Alexanders
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM (CST)

A very common question you have to navigate at ECD/CCO-level conversations is ‘what kind of leader are you?’

With the fortune of having worked for over 25 agencies in 10 countries (and over 100 bosses), the various ranges of global creative leadership, as well as their similarities were quite educational to me.

As a Gen Xer, there was no proper coaching or training on how to lead and I literally had to observe, read tons of books and use my intuition to find my own inner leadership qualities. The past decade has also taught me that you cannot have ONE style of leading even if that’s defines your true self. Adapting to different agencies, accounts, personnel and geography can help guide how you could be a good manager.

Four contrasting global leader’s techniques (who serendipitously are all called Alexander) helps me focus on what skills I need to beg, borrow, steal from. I humbly present to you: the quadrant of the four Alexanders…