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Back in the Big Easy // 2023

2020’s Creative Leaders Retreat was one of the last advertising industry events before the world shut down due to the pandemic. That year’s New Orleans location was so well received, we just knew we’d be back in the French Quarter before long!

The return of this important event to New Orleans’ famous Hotel Monteleone means a return to the cuisine, creative culture and funky character of the Crescent City — all in the lead up to Mardi Gras season. 

Hotel Monteleone
214 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Ph: 504-523-3341


Hear from the best

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“Kids these days…” There isn’t anyone out there that hasn’t said these words about a younger generation. And for those of us in industry leadership roles, the “kids” are more tech-savvy than ever before — and might not even be thrilled about bringing their creative talents to the ad world.

This year’s Retreat will ask how we bridge the divide between those of us who fell in love with the creative possibilities of our business and those with the talent to shine but don't fit within traditional roles. How do we create environments within our companies where young creatives can feel energized and thrive? How do we make advertising cool again for the next generation of creators?

The CLR Experience

Creative Leaders Retreat is less of a conference and more of a conversation. Podiums and lecterns are replaced with small groups and sessions, allowing for more open and candid dialogue. Our esteemed speakers aren’t only present to share wisdom, but to learn from the attendees. And because it’s a closed-door event, people are free to share their own challenges without any barriers. Just honest, open conversations and real answers.

About the Retreat

Creative directors are an interesting bunch. They often reach their positions on the strength of their creative talent, but are then thrust into roles where managerial and motivational skills are more crucial than the art and copy that got them there.

The Creative Leaders Retreat is a two-day gathering for freshly-minted CDs, creatives about to transition into director positions, and even experienced CDs in need of a mojo refresh. Over the course of the retreat, attendees will learn from those who have walked that path before them, taking away ideas and actionable items to take back into their own careers. And with a casual and intimate setting, you’ll be sure to make fast friends with fellow CDs, building on a network that will provide advice and inspiration long after we return home.

Agency & Brand-Side Creativity

As we all know, creative directors aren’t limited to traditional advertising agencies. Numerous brands have augmented their own in-house creative capabilities in recent years, led by CDs who have many of the same challenges that agency CDs do.

The Creative Leaders Retreat warmly welcomes brand-side creatives with its very own track, led by speakers who intimately know the struggles and the rewards of working inside the brands themselves. And attendees from both traditional and brand-side creative departments will be able to get a taste of the “other” side of the divide, where you’ll most certainly discover some new perspectives!

Location & Lodging

All sessions and most meals will be held at the historic Hotel Monteleone, also known as the crown jewel of Royal Street.


214 Royal Street

New Orleans,LA 70130-2201

(504) 523-3341

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Counting Down

February 2 - 4, 2023

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February 2-4, 2023
New Orleans, Louisiana

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