Jaime Robinson
How to Maximize Profitability** (wink wink)
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)

OK, put this on your google calendar so your boss and your co-workers think it’s all nicey-nicey and then let’s talk about what this is really about:  How to start your own thing, when you know it’s time, and what you need to do to get it going.  And even if you’ve never thought about starting a company – or have no desire – we’ll talk about the things you can do to make your current team, department or office FEEL more like an indie. How can you harness some of that bold spirit – the one that says, “fuck it, we can do that, right???”  The one that asks for forgiveness, not permission.  So you can create the next iteration of what our industry looks like – on your own or with an established org.

Jaime Robinson, founder of JOAN Creative, will share some stuff she’s learned from her own experience and the experience of friends who have started up, too.

What would you do differently if it was YOUR company? How would YOU inspire, attract and tap into the skills of the next generation? Seriously, think about it. Then let’s talk.