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Last Year's Wisdom

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The Zoom Theory

Here we are. It’s been a year when we were all working from home. One day or another, the universe will finally decide to set us free and let us back out into the world again. But the remote thing is not going anywhere. So, how do we reach creative excellence without ever seeing each other’s legs? How do we reinvent creative leadership? How do we build relationships with our teams, partners and clients? In this session, I’ll share learnings from this unprecedented year that inspired FCB to reinvent the making of its creative product and become The One Club for Creativity 2020 Global Network of the Year.

Total Creativity

Dutch soccer is known for their approach called total soccer invented by Rinus Michels and perfected by Johan Cruijf. The base premise is that to be successful in the game you need to understand all aspects of the sport. At 360i, we approach creativity and advertising in a similar way. As a creative leader I see it as my role to help everyone understand all the components at play. If they can see the bigger picture, they will become better creatives as a result. This becomes increasingly important as you advance in your creative career and your role expectations change accordingly. A creative who understands how the business works, the ins and outs of other core departments, management best practices, and is open to constant learning, is a creative that is set up to be a star player.

Translating Data for Creative Vision Making

Data provides a snapshot of the present moment and our best idea as to where the world is going, but it’s often impossible for creatives to metabolize. The reality is our teams struggle to use data to fuel creativity. How can we reconceptualize what we think of as data, and how can we use the data we have at hand and help guide our teams to unlock better insights and more impactful creative expression?

Working at the Speed of 2021

How do you keep up without letting the creative quality drop? The last 12 months have changed a lot about our business. Not the least of which is the speed and intensity of the process. We’ll talk about tips for getting to ideas quicker, working faster as a team, and how to use speed to your advantage.

Leading Through Crisis: The Toll It Can Take, And The Strength It Can Give

While many of us earned a PhD in “Leading through crisis” due to the historic and unprecedented events of 2020, we don’t hear enough from leaders talking candidly about the personal impact leading through a crisis can take and how they had to learn to make room for themselves, so that they could ultimately make room, and lead others.

Join Amber Guild, President of T Brand at the New York Times, modeling what vulnerable and compassionate leadership looks like. Hear her talk about her journey through both personal and global crisis and how you can become a strong leader through difficult times.

Gearing Up for the Roaring 2020s

It was the worst of times before the best of times. At least that’s what analysts are telling us. We’re headed for a once in a century boom of innovation and creativity, and it’s coming when all of us -- and our people -- are burnt out. And to add just a little more pressure, the audiences we serve have had a whole year to sit and think about what they want from this world and the brands they choose. In this talk, we’ll put on some magic glasses and see if we can predict what’s coming next, and talk about how to best make ourselves and our organizations ready for it all.

How a Global Pandemic Helped Brands Get Real on Social

Social media is a platform of the people, yet so many brands still use it as a stage with a megaphone. The loudest voice doesn't win in the social sphere. So, how can we help brands start acting more human on these platforms? And, how do you know if your client's brand even belongs in the cultural conversation to begin with? John "JP" Petty, head of social at Wieden+Kennedy New York will share the best ways to use truth and empathy as your guide to having a real conversation.

Thriving vs Surviving in a Global Pandemic

2020 threw the advertising industry quite a few curveballs. Margaret Johnson, CCO of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, will discuss all the ways her agency thrived amidst the chaos and what you can do as a creative leader to reinvent and adapt. While growing its in-house production, tackling racism head on and keeping all its staffers employed, the agency was able to win 12 new pieces of business. Join Margaret as she discusses the importance of expanding your agency's capabilities as well as your own and emerge in 2021 stronger than ever.

From Production Mgmt to Creative: Crossing the Chasm

Aiden Darné began his career in commercial production mgmt and is now the Global Head of Shutterstock Studios, the company’s newly launched branded content division. In between, he launched and ran in-house production studios at VICE and ViacomCBS. So how did he cross the chasm from production mgmt to creative? And what did he learn along the way? In this session, Aiden will share lessons from his own career, including how to become an effective creative manager, how to build a global team and how to launch a studio – even during a pandemic.