Xanthe Wells
How to do the best creative work of your life as a “client” (updated)
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CST)

Fifteen years ago it was selling out to go brand-side as a creative. Now, sitting at the intersection of agencies, internal creative teams and marketers actually delivers one of the greatest opportunities to do the best work of your life, but it’s not an easy road to navigate. See how big ideas like Google Pixel’s “Real Tone” got through the gauntlet at Google and out into the world from someone who was there. I’ll share tools for navigating internal and external entities, how to get and preserve your seat at the table and how to protect great ideas through the process. Hear all about my stumbles and wins over the last 6 years of client side work after 14 years on the agency side and any and all tips I can share whether you are working with an internal creative team or are part of one yourself.