Shannon Washington
Reality Check: Are You A Boss or a Leader?
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM (CST)

Creative leadership, especially when you’re young, is largely inherited. Simply, we are managing and guiding much like the persons who managed and guided us in our careers. 
But what happens when you realize your inheritance is kind of the problem? That, in regurgitating the ways of working of the past, we’re failing the generation that will lead us into the future. 
The truth is, many of the people that we hold so dear were bosses. But very few of them were leaders. They were also “raised” by more bosses than leaders. And it’s ok. 
But with us older millennial leaders like myself who represent a “swing” generation, I see a shift. We’re shaking off the tropes of being the boss and finding more success in fully embracing leadership.
But the rub is, it’s hard as fuck. And the first step is letting go.
For my session I want to dig into the difference of these two labels, and explore how leadership requires a level of emotional and cultural intelligence that is impossible to reach when you’re so busy being the boss. And what growing up with reality TV has to do with this. 
Part keynote, part therapy session. All fun.